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Travel Tips


Your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months from the date of your departure


A tourist visa is needed for your visit to Cameroon. This needs to be arranged before arrival. You can check with and apply for a visa at  Consulate or visa service organisation. Upon payment of the 20% deposit, Camtourventures  will send you an invitation letter, which will facilitate your application. In order for us to make the invitation letter, we kindly request you to send us your full name as stated in your passport.

Air Links

There are three international airports: Yaounde, Douala and Garoua. The flights with Europe are direct (6-hour flight over 5000 km), there at least one every day.

Main airlines

Camair-co Airlines,S N Brussels, and Air France one daily flight from Paris and Brussels

Airport stamps

Cameroon airport stamp is required on departure.


According to the rules of  temporary imports, tourists are entitled to carry the following items if only reserved for their personal use: jewels under 500 grammas, personal clothes, cats and dogs subject to sanitary services, mobile phone, two cameras with 10 films each, a mini-camera with 10 rolls, one television and one radio sets, one video recorder, binoculars, camping and sports items, toilet articles, a pram, three litres of wine, one litre of alcohol or aperitif, 500 grammas of tobacco OR 400 cigarettes OR 125 cigars.

Vaccinations and Medical Preparations

Upon arrival in Cameroon you will need to provide a proof of vaccination. This includes:

  1. Proof of yellow fever declaration (obliged);  
  2. Other vaccinations are not obliged, but recommended: 
    - DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio)
    - Hepatitis A
    - Belly typhoid (for a stay longer then 3 months

Please note: as in most parts of Africa, there is a risk of malaria in Cameroon appropriate preventive medicines are essential for visitors to this area. We advise you to contact your general practitioner or the Travel Clinic to find out which prophylaxis is suitable for you.

Health Form

We will send you the health form before the departure of your trip. We kindly request you to return this to us at your earliest convenience by email.


 A  repatriation insurance is obliged.


You are  authorized to film public buildings except presidential palaces, aerodromes, official members of security and defence, and any other actions that could damage customs and the good reputation of the country.

The Ministry of Communication would deliver special pass for official ceremonies and private reporting.