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City Of Cattle

Ngaoundere, Cameroon

Belel is one of eight districts that make up the department of Vina. This place is located about 200km from the city of N'Gaoundéré or 3 to 4 hours a Kafkaesque journey on this unpaved road. An obstacle course for those who made ​​this trip for the first time. Especially during the rainy season. Bitumen begins about 1 km from the site of the school, in all likelihood was once a camp housing belonging to a company involved in the construction of the Chad Cameroon Pipeline.

The visitor who arrives is immediately struck by the beauty of the place, some containers and buildings which display the least, modern architecture. The choice of N'Gaoundéré and Belel was not fortuitous; looks like. Breeding area for excellence with its vast pastures, Adamawa is the largest cattle herd in Cameroon.

But do not misunderstand. Veterinary medicine is not limited to cattle, for which said medicine clinic in which said we must be able to meet several types of patients: cattle, sheep, goats, unless this is a clinic -

This lack of diversity of animals are the difficulties related to the quality of infrastructure, site access, remoteness, in short, in isolation. Finally, we can mention the perennial problem of insecurity including road bandits in the area. Reasons to believe that the relocation will be effective the way to go. Thus, it seems that we must live in Cameroon to measure its development efforts to achieve the emergence in 2035.

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