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Dzanga Sangha

Central African Republic

Border with Cameroon, Chad and the two countries Congo, Central African Republic is home to a vast plain and dull, with scattered hills in northeast and south west areas of the country. Yes, the area is dry, wet and hot, but the same landscape and the flora and fauna found in the country is enough to swoon with joy.Located in the heart of Africa, will appreciate not only the landscape and the hospitality of the people, but also the variety of woods and forests which houses various species of animals that can not be found anywhere in the world. In 2001, the Ecologist magazine declared that the Central African Republic in the country a world leader in sustainable development with a lot of her remaining virgin forests after so many years.

The Dzanga Sangha Reserve

Found in the rainforests of southern Central African Republic, the reserve covers an area of around 400 hectares. The two central sectors of the reserve, the Dzanga and the Ndoki, make up the whole of the park.

Large mammals seen include forest elephants, forest buffalo, giant forest hog, western lowland gorilla and bongos (forest antelope). Also seen are a good collection of sitatunga, warthogs, numerous monkeys, galagoes, leopards and wide range of birds and other species. The park is inhabited by the Ba'Aka [pygmy] tribe who have assisted in building an incredible tourist programme and assist with tracking and guiding.

Activities in this area include visiting the salines at least once a day; lowland gorilla tracking (there is a family of 16 habituated gorillas), bird watching, dug-out pirogue rides along the Sangha River and its tributaries, net hunting with the Ba’aka; medicinal plant examination with the Ba’aka and traditional dances.

Itineraries are set departure and include Dzangha-Sangha National Park, Mbeli Bai and Bai Hokou Research centre. All expeditions are accompanied by a full back up team of locals and specialist guides. Most trips start from Brazzaville, Libreville or Douala.

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