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Korup National Park

South-west Province, Cameroon

Korup National Park is a vast area, comprising 126,000 hectares of evergreen forest. The park is well maintained with resident scientists and well-marked trails. Many species of birds can be found in the park including hornbills and the extremely rare red headed rockfowl. The forests are very ancient, rich in endemics, and highly diverse. The forest canopy is generally 15-25 m tall, with emergents up to 50 m tall. A typical large tree, second-most common in terms of basal area, is Lecomtedoxa klaineana with huge boles and impressive buttresses. The rain forest is home to more than 100 species of mammals, 435 bird species, 170 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 140 kinds of fish. Some of the animals in the park include several species of primates such as chimpanzee, red capped mangabey, red-eared monkey, red colobus monkey, baboons and the endangered drill among others. Other mammals in the park include leopards, duikers, buffalos and elephants.

The route to the park is through the village of Mundemba, a five hours drive from buea or 6 hours flight from Douala International Airport. The road to Mudemba is slippery during the rainy season July to November while its is dusty during the dry season

Visitors to the park may even be lucky enough to see elephants or chimps although these are rare. The road access to the park can be tricky especially in the wet months when the road conditions deteriorate. It is worth noting that the Chimpanzee camp is a 7 mile hike from the Mana foot bridge, so come prepared.

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