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Bamenda, Cameroon

Lake Oku is a crater later  on the Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon  It is located at 2,219 metres (7,280 ft) on Mount Oku , and is completely surrounded by cloud forest.The lake lies in an explosion crater formed in the last phase of development of the Oku massive  a large volcanic field with a diameter of about 100 kilometres (62 mi). Mount Oko is astratovolcano  that rises to 3,011 metres (9,879 ft). The lake is the subject of many myths among the local people.Some of the rocks have ages starting from 24.9 to 22.1 million years ago, but much more recent activity has occurred. The mountain is built of basilic and hawaiitic lavas, succeeded by trachyte, and then by large volumes of tracytic andryhiritic,igmibrites with a thickness of up to 1,000 m. Further trachytic lavas, tuffs and breccias were produced, and the most recent phase produced pyroclastic cones and explosion craters. One of these craters holds Lake Oku, from which flows of basalt issued in the north, and of rhyolitic and phonolitic lavas in the south.

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