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Rhumsiki, Cameroon

The excursion to Rhumsiki that just make regional delegates North and Far North is, without a doubt, a real boost to the promotion of domestic tourism. In this specific period of rain, the Mayo-Tsanaga surrounded by vast mountain chain flaunts her natural beauty.

The green that comes to resuscitate the rainy season is an additional trim. In order to strengthen solidarity among them and promote domestic tourism, the members of the Association of Northern Regional Delegates (Aderno) and the Association of Regional Delegates and assimilated the Far North (ADRA) have made an excursion to Rhumsiki in the Mayo-Tsanaga. After welcoming the delegation said at the crossroads of North Mokolo, close to Salak, both teams shake towards the town of Mokolo. A short distance from Mokolo, the famous Forge Ziver is the first stop. Regional delegates discover that blast furnace extraction of iron from the 15th century. They are explaining the process of extraction and manufacture of iron.

The fitted continues its trek to the promised land. To join, you must swallow 48 Km rocky road separating Mokolo this picturesque town of 5000 inhabitants. As as the delegation approaches the destination, the Nigerian border is drawn on the long chain of mountains. Throughout the course, the lunar landscape with its Kapsiki pythons volcanic offer size. After the town of Mogodé, chief town of the district of the same name, one approaches the ultimate.

Members Aderno and Adra find themselves in front of the most famous of these rocky needles, needle Mchirgué which culminates at 1224 m. This is the peak Rhumsiki that majestically overlooks the area. This unique moon landscape of this village is a mecca of tourism in Cameroon and a necessary step for all circuits in the Far North.

By late afternoon, when the sun goes down, the rocky peaks and the surrounding savannah make ocher and reddish, making the landscape even more fascinating. The rhythm of war dance Kapsiki, visitors delight. The camp Rhumsiki, the wizard crab is another attraction. With 82 years Mboula nestled behind the camp Rhumsiki predicts the future of all using crab.

Crops are they good, my marriage succeed it? Will I be appointed in the next government or DG? I gain the next election? These are the questions which are interests of clients of all backgrounds and all nationalities. In the group, the sorcerer predicts there will be three ministers in the new government. What could be better?

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