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Vina Waterfall

Garoua, Cameroon

 Vina waterfall worth the admiration largely due to their ease of access. Indeed, located 15 km south of Ngaoundéré, they are only 200 meters from the main road through the Vina. An average height of ten meters, they nevertheless provide an original show with this natural amphitheater carved by water over time. The site of the old tannery, abandoned for many years, provides an ideal observatory for falls. Whatever the season, they are supplied with water, but it is obviously in the rainy season they are most impressive.For the more adventurous, it is possible to descend to the edge of the falls and gain access below the rocky table where the rushed Vina. Attention is currently no development has been made for visitors to access the transect is quite sporty. No need 4 x 4 or special equipment. This is really a family visit by definition. Visit coupled with that of Lake Tison which is halfway Ngaoundere.To get there: Access is a very simple since N1 from Ngaoundéré is paved. It takes 15 km of road in the direction of taking Meiganga. In arriving at the bridge that crosses the Vina, leave the car and proceed on foot to the right for 200 meters along the fence of the old disused tannery. You will then see the beauty of the falls from the headland.

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