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Maroua, Cameroon

Tourist Attractions in Maroua will take you to the spectacular natural landscapes of the region to the rugged mountains and lovely pristine beaches. Maroua is one of the most beautiful cities of Cameroon. Maroua is the capital of the Far North Province of Cameroon and is the center of the country's cotton industry. Tourist Attractions in Maroua include the famous Waza National Park, located in this area.There is no dearth of things to see and explore in Maroua, as the city is full with ample tourist attractions. Maroua Tourist Attractions include visiting the lovely mountains of the region and taking pictures of the wonderful sunrise and sunsets.The city of Maroua in Cameroon has everything that sea and fishing lovers could ever wish to see and get entertained. There are many resort attractions with their fine sand beaches, yellow and grey, dotted with elegant palm trees on the border of a luxuriant forest. You will get to see many mountains all along the place. The natural wonders of the region will take your breath away.

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