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Hippos Of Lake Bambalang Tour

Hippos Of Lake Bambalang Tour Packages
Country: Cameroon
City: Kribi
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Discover the largest lake of the North West Region—a natural refuge for many species of birds, fish and Hippopotamus.

Pass the afternoon aboard a traditional boat with local guides to takeyou off the beaten track. Explore wild islands and lunch on freshly-smoked fish with village fishermen. Enjoy the peace of the calm waters and distant mountainous landscape as you pass the afternoon swimming or relaxing.

Take in the harmony of nature.


6:00 Depart by car from Reception centre in Belo (9:00 arrival)

9:00 Depart on boat

11:00 Meet wild hippopotamus in their natural habitat

12:00 Barbecue on an island in a typical fishing village

13:30 Depart for land (15:00 arrival)

15:00 Depart for Belo by car (18:00 arrival)

What to Bring:




Mosquito Repellent

Swim Suit (optional)

Umbrella (Mar-Oct)

Waterproof Jacket (Mar-Oct)

Bambalang Village

Bambalang is a village located in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. The village of Bambalang is one of the four villages that make up Ndop Central Sub Division and one of the thirteen villages that make up Ngoketunjia Division. Bambalang village saw most of its fertile land flooded upon the completion of the Bamendjin Dam in 1974 giving rise to some Islands like Mbissa, Nkeshie, Mbefekhu, Mishie and Mpayah. The Bamendjin Dam was constructed mainly to serve as a reservoir to feed the hydroelectric plant at Edéa. It was constructed across the Noun River, a tributary of the Sanaga River that operates the hydroelectric plant at Edea.

Bambalang people boost a lot of cultural heritage including the Bambalang language. The Chrambouh, though, inter-spaced between the culture of the Mbaw Yakum People and that of Bamoun, because Bamoun's descendants occupy part of the Bambalang land. Quarters predominantly inhabited by Bamoun's descendants include Mbissa Island, Mbashie, Njono, Mbafu, Nkeshi Island, Mbapishie with others living in some quarters. However, besides the culture of the Bamoun people, they respect the Bambalang culture and identify themselves as Bambalang people.

Movement in and around Bambalang has aided thanks to a good road network though not tarred. The earth road is constructed with gravel that makes it possible to move freely. There are several touristic attractions in Bambalang including the Sandy Beaches of Mbissa Island where an ecotouristic site has been constructed attracting visitors from around the world.

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