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Awing Neyishine alaa Mbuwing Welcome to Awing Welcome to smiling Awing, the land of glorious sunrise and sunset of ancient Traditions and mystic legends and of nature at its most picturesque, wildest and exquisite: but much more . .
Country: Cameroon
City: Bamenda
Duration: 3 Day(s) - 2 Night(s)
Tour Category: Heritage Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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“Neyishine ala’a Mbuwing” –Welcome to Awing

Welcome to smiling Awing, the land of glorious sunrise and sunset of ancient Traditions and mystic legends and of nature at its most picturesque, wildest and exquisite: but much more a land of friendly people. Awing is acknowledged as one of the most admired Fondoms of the North West Region due to its rich contemporary culture which blends values, norms material and spiritual traditions that cut across several ethnic groups with diverse ideas.

There are several ceremonies in Awing, manifesting customs, social life, rituals, oral history and spiritual culture. If you have the opportunity to attend one, do. There are colourful, exuberant and fascinating insights into a culture that has been passed downs from generations. Whether your visit is to sample the fast rush of one of its adventures, or to discover its vibrant palace, allow yourself to be seduced by its creativity. Don’t resist its beautiful wood carving in all its sizes, drums, masks, colourful fabrics, his majesty’s tiger carpet and woven calabashes, dye wall hangings, metal scriptures, bamboo furniture and basket.


Awing is one of Cameroon’s wonders. Her hilly undulating landscape creates a spectacular panorama. The Lake, the home of our gods is simply fantastic each time Nature’s sun cast its glows across the shimmering waters catching the distinctive half-submerged trees, tourists are lulled to sleep.

It provides ultimate tourist splendour to the inhabitants of Santa sub-division in the North West Region and Supports a thriving agriculture industry. In many legends, Lake Awing was and is still regarded as the home of gods which requires yearly appeasement to guarantee fertility, peace and love in the land.

Lake Awing

While the lure of safari keeps you busy at the lake, in my capacity as the No.1 custodian of tradition, I am encouraging visitors to look beyond the Fondom’s famous scene and discover the sheer variety of landscape, wildlife, human culture and experiences available in the home of the hospital. Down the valleys of the lake, you will zoom through the rolling savannah, tropical gallery forest home to our brothers and sisters the bororos and their vast investment in cattle breeding and much more.


To reach Lake Awing you turn left at the Government Technical College, Santa from the Bamenda end. The winding road across rolling hills and valleys, also punctuated by artificial forest, covering a distance of some fifteen kilometres, takes you to this natural gift of Awing people. It is their shrine and a touristic treasure and potential you should not miss.

To savour its beauty and its quietude broken only by the “voices” of birds that sing over it, we should thank the government for providing an open field studded with some huts that provide pleasurable shelter.

Mystical feature of the lake

The Awing and Ngemba people have awe for this mythical feature. You should not throw a stone into it, but you can watch and adore it. The cool and refreshing air blowing from and above its waters; especially around ten o’clock in the dry season cool can soothe the eyes and body. The effect is therapeutic. Don’t ask whether or not you can swim or bathe in it. Lake Awing is also a holiday resort, an area for academic excursions and religious retreats.

You can take advantage of its quietude to write reports and novels. Lake Awing is a place to visit.


The Fondom is governed by the Fon, His Royal Majesty Fo’o Fozo’o II as the Executive Chief of all institutions. The Fon has several traditional and modern institutions which work together for the proper administration of the Awing and Awing people. On the traditional side, he counts on the various houses of Kwofo’o and other regulatory bodies, the traditional council and the quarter heads. On the Modern side, he works with the Subdivisional officer of Santa and the various institutions of the sub-division, the gendarmerie post commander of Awing, and the Santa Rural council institutions.

Day 1: Bamenda

Breakfast, visit the Bamenda Museum continue to Buea passing via Douala, going through the colonial rubber and banana plantations, you will visit Lake Awing and city tour around Bamenda check-in the hotel. Overnight in Bamenda.

Day 2: Bamenda- Tubah Upland Watershed-Ndop

What to do-Visit the warehouse of an antiquity collector at Kedjom-Keku before going to the Tubah Upland. The collector will interpret the socio-cultural significance of his antiquities and also give a brief history of the village.

While at the Tubah Upland Watershed undertake the following activities- Trek through the extensive beautiful meadows in the company of the Fulanis and watch them take care of their large herds of cattle. Their folklore and dance are also very interesting to watch and also practice.

Proceed to Ndop in the evening for an overnight in a modest hotel.

Day 3: Bamenda-Douala and Departure.

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