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Lake Tison Tour

Lake Tison Tour Packages
Country: Cameroon
City: Yaounde
Duration: 16 Day(s) - 15 Night(s)
Tour Category: Lake Tour
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Tyson Lake has located 10km from the city of Ngaoundéré, towards Meiganga. This small crater lake, surrounded by trees, is a nice place to relax. Legend has it that the lake change color ... so follow your eyes to see. This tour takes you from the south to the north of Cameroon by train.

Giving you a unique view of the rich landscape of the country.

After this interesting train ride, you arrive at the heart of the northern part of Cameroon. You will have the opportunity to discover the cultural diversity of north Cameroon.

The kingdoms (Lamidat) of these regions are beautifully constructed, each having its cavalry of warriors, horse riding, Fantasia, and breath-taking traditional dances. This part of Cameroon is also home to many natural resources, the Koza hills, the waterfalls of Lancrenon (100m), and that of Tello (45m).

Day 1: Arrival

-Arrival and reception at Douala International Airport

- Transfer to hotel and overnight

Day 2: Yaoundé

- Travel to Yaoundé

- Yaoundé City tour

- Transfer to train station

- Travel to Ngaoundéré by train (all night)

Day 3: Ngaoundéré

- Arrival at Ngaoundéré

- Transfer to hotel

- Visit of the Lamidat of Ngaoundéré

- Horse-back riding

- Dinner and overnight in hotel

Day 4: Benoué National Safari Park

- Visit the Benoué National Safari Park

- Dinner and overnight in camp

Day 5: Rey Bouba

- Travel to Rey Bouba

- Visit the market, here you will find Bororo women who come to sell naturally-extracted milk

- Dinner and overnight at the Bouba Ndjidda camp

Day 6: Bouba Ndjida National Park​

- Visit the Bouba Ndjida National Park

Day 7: Grand Capitaine

- Travel to Grand Capitaine

- Watch hippopotamus on sand and cog jester

- Fishing and overnight

Day 8: Garoua

- Travel to Garoua, Pitoa market day.

- Dinner and overnight in Garoua

Day 9: Rhumsiki

- Travel to Rhumsiki

- Visit the "Gorge de Kola"

- Visit the blacksmith

- Dinner and overnight in Rhumsiki

Day 10: Hiking

- Hike to the Cameroon/Nigeria border

- Visit the traditional music instruments artist

- Visit the traditional weavers

- Visit the crab fortune teller

- Dinner and overnight at the Rhumsiki camp

Day 11: Mokolo

- Travel to Mokolo

- Visit the Mafa's market, this is a very populated region

- Dinner and overnight in Mokolo camp

Day 12: Tourou

- Travel to Tourou

- Visit of the famous Hidi peoples' market, a focal point is women wearing decorated calabashes on their heads

- Travel to Ndjiguila

- Visit the mountains' women craft cooperative

- Stopover at the Koza hills

- Visit the traditional chief's palace of Podoko

- Return to Waza for dinner and overnight in camp

Day 13: Waza National Safari Park

- Visit the Waza national Safari park (visiting the giraffe's park, lions, elephants, antelope, monkeys, water hogs)

- Dinner and overnight at the Waza lodge

Day 14: Maga

- Travel to Maga

- Visit the park and cross from north to south of Maga through the park

- Canoe riding on the lake between the islands and the fishermen, hippopotamus and many birds insight

- Dinner and overnight in Maga

Day 15

- Travel to Maroua

- Stopover at Maga-Poss to visit the Mourla's Sultanate and Mousgoum's huts

- Continuation to Maroua

- Maroua city tour, visit the tanners and craft center

- Transfer and overnight in hotel

Day 16: Departure

- Preparations for departure

- Transfer to Maroua airport or Garoua airport (depending on flight schedule) for departure to Douala International Airport

- Arrival at Douala International Airport and departure

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