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A Pouss, visitors to the Sultan - the master of the house - are housed in residences "tropicalized of origin." Indeed the famous bullet-shaped case and covered with earth, top to bottom, offer their guests . .
Country: Cameroon
City: Pouss
Duration: 9 Day(s) - 7 Night(s)
Tour Category: Photography Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
Package Itinerary

A Pouss, visitors to the Sultan - the master of the house - are housed in residences "tropicalized of origin." Indeed the famous bullet-shaped case and covered with earth, top to bottom, offer their guests a mild microclimate in the heart of a region yet warm. A fantasia is often organized by the Sultan in honor of his guests. Here, our visitors get a chance to visit the sultan's ancient Palace.

Where lots of arts and ancient culture are found. Here you find tombs of all sultans that have ruled this region before. In addition, There are lots of art and paintings around the palace whereby our clients can buy any of their choices. At very affordable prices.

DAY 1: Arrival - Benoue National Park

Breakfast on the train. Arrive at 7:00 am in Ngaoundere Cameroon water reservoir during the day, a transition zone between the south and the North. The cosmopolitan population is happy and welcoming; this gives confirmation of Cameroon as “the synopsis of Africa”. A brief visit to the town with a beautiful panoramic view of Mount Ngaoundere, the palace of Lamido, the market, and some sites like Lake torch. Visit the Vina waterfalls and Tison Lake.

Lunch and departure to the Benoue National Park. Arrival, safari in the afternoon in the 180 000 hectares park classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1980; search for Hippopotamus, rhinos, lions, giants elands, etc. installation, Leisure activities. Dinner and night Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 2: Trekking

Breakfast and pick up for Wangai chief’s palace and our trekking proper starts. We will get to discover
the Atlantika Mountains with the Koma natives’ still living the primeval lifestyle. This gives us the
opportunity to see how interesting and authentic a unique lifestyle is. We thereafter trek to the heart of the mountains return and night Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 3: Bimlerou Haut, Bas and Librou Villages

Breakfast pick up to meet the Indigenous people wearing tree leaves in the place of clothes. Tour of the village’s craftsmen (potters, spinners, weavers, blacksmiths ...). We will visit Mount Nsiki and meet the famous wizard who can predict our future. Later, we’ll watch the sunset at Kapsiki (about 10 kms/6,2 miles away from Rumsiki) a place that could be defined as "the most beautiful lunar landscape of Central Africa. Return to hotel dinner and night. Hotel Buffle Noir

DAY 4: Poli-Garoua

After breakfast drive to Poli, visit Fulani and fulbe population. Continuation to Garoua. Dinner & night at Tourist motel.

DAY 5: Rhumsiki

Departure from Garoua to Rhumsiki via Guider for the visit of the fantastic "gorges de kola". Traditional dances of the northern region, the special crab's witchcraft, the potteries, weavers, artisans, Rhumsiki mount…Dinner and night at Rhumsiki lodge in Bungalow

DAY 6: Tourou

After breakfast drive to Tourou, discover the famous market (the Goudour women with calabashes on the head, of which the color and the drawing of their " hat " indicate if they are yes or nonbrides), small KIRDI village, of GOUDOUMS and MOKTE (celebrates by this border, a picturesque market that holds every Thursday and the women covered of calabashes come assembled. Return to Rhumsiki dinner and night at Rhumsiki lodge

DAY 7: Rhumsiki Village

After breakfast, visit Rhumsiki village, particularly the crab fortune teller and the coppersmith departure to Mokolo. Visit the weekly market (true ethnic groups melting pot, where you can find all the tribes of Mount Mandara), the Lamidate, and the Museum. Dinner and accommodation at the Mokolo camp. (bungalow)

DAY 8: Waza

After breakfast pick up to picturesque market; Lamido palace at Mora. Visit the bi-centenary kingdom
of king Mozogo with its 50 wives and at least 113 children. Continue to Waza Visit of the animist populations of the region. Trekking in the valley Continues to the Waza national park via the Koza hills. A whole day at the Waza national park viewing lions, giraffes, elephants, antelopes, water hogs, birds, Waza national park (the abundance of birds species makes the park a great reserve in Cameroon), etc. Overnight at the Waza lodge

DAY 9: Mokolo - Douala

Drive to Douala and Transfer to Douala international airport - formalities and take off to Europe.

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