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Waza National Park Tour

Waza National Park Tour Packages
Country: Cameroon
City: Maroua
Duration: 9 Day(s) - 8 Night(s)
Tour Category: Safari Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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Waza Park is the most beautiful park in Cameroon. 170 000 hectares of the park are home to rich fauna and varied, it is in fact the largest game reserve in the country. One can observe elephants, giraffes, antelopes, cheetahs, lions, hartebeest, cobs of Buffon, hippos, hyenas, warthogs, leopards, gazelles, and many species of birds, ostriches, herons, geese, geese, vultures, etc...

The park is divided into two areas: large grassy plains to the east and the forested area to the west, where the growing acacias.

Note that to fully enjoy the beauty of the park, you will need patience and extend your stay a few days. There is just a camp, built on the spot. How to get there: The park is located 60 km from Mora, northbound. Access to the park is by road, directly.

To visit the park, a tracker and is mandatory in order to protect the resident wildlife The Waza National Park is the most visited reserve and best equipped of Cameroon: a natural park of 170,000 hectares where live freely lions, elephants, giraffes, various antelopes, warthogs, ostriches, birds of all kinds hunting ... like the animals you will be facilitated by the trackers you advise Eyawetours. The camp Waza is made of 42 rooms air-conditioned bungalows quite comfortable bar-restaurant, swimming pool.

Tour details

Day 1: Yaounde

A warm welcome awaits you in Yaounde as your guide meets you at the airport. In the bustling Cameroonian capital, you get adjusted to being in Cameroon during a welcome dinner with your guide. If you feel like it, we check out the night/street life or you stay in the hotel and spend a relaxing evening.

Day 2: Bénoué National Park

The next day, we take a domestic flight with Air Leasing (all planes are maintained by SIM located in France) to Garoua, where a private car awaits us to go to Bénoué National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. There, you enjoy African-cooked meals prepared by the park organization and sleep in a lovely and safe park accommodation (small brick-houses with AC).

Day 3: Bénoué National Park

After a very early breakfast, we go on a morning and afternoon safari at Bénoué National Park, which holds hippos, giant eland, giraffes, waterbuck, antelopes, baboons, gazelles, and more. Between the safaris, we will have lunch and a few hours to relax in the shade.

Day 4: Garoua

In the morning we leave Bénoué to go to Garoua from where we will take a bus to Maroua. The journey goes through the lush North region to the sub-Sahelian Extreme-North region of Cameroon. We will travel with locals, see a dramatic change in landscape and pass through interesting villages. We will stay at Maroua overnight.

Day 5: Waza National Park

After a very early breakfast, we get picked up by a private car to go to the amazing Waza National Park, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, which has some of west and central Africa’s most impressive wildlife, such as herds of elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalos, ostriches, antelopes, gazelles, warthogs, a wide variety of big birds and more.

At Waza, you will enjoy a morning and afternoon safari. We will sleep in the gorgeous and safe park accommodation (small brick-houses with AC) overlooking the park.

Day 6: Waza

After a very early breakfast, we will go on another set of morning and afternoon safaris at Waza. We will sleep again in the gorgeous and safe park accommodation (small brick-houses with AC) overlooking the park.

Day 7: Maroua

On this day, you will relax in Maroua and explore this sub-Sahelian, ethnically diverse, and beautiful old University town, which has a fabulous market and street/nightlife. We will stay in Maroua that night.

Day 8: Yaounde

After breakfast, we will take a plane with Air Leasing to Yaounde where we will arrive in the afternoon. If you want, we check out the street life in one of the bustling neighborhoods during the evening. You will stay overnight at Yaounde.

Day 9: Departure

We will spend the rest of the trip exploring the capital of Cameroon, where we, dependent on your preferences, go to a large day market and visit various sightseeing spots. Then, finally, we will take you to the airport for your evening flight to return home.

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